The ONLY 5 Doubles Strategies You’ll Ever Need

As a tennis teaching pro, I am probably teaching about 90% doubles and 10% singles. While doing this, I began to notice that certain techniques worked for players more than others. I also found that the more complex a recreational player tries to get, the more chaos ensues! I have been asked many times, do I coach myself or my partner on the court when I play and the answer is YES! I most certainly find myself drifting away from my plan and have to remind myself what my goals are when I’m playing a match.

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So, what are those 5 strategies I tell myself and my students?

  1. Make 3 Shots – Typically, the average player misses before they get to their third shot. Whether it’s excitement, nerves, pressure, etc. if you’ll avoid making an error within 3 shots, you’ll be surprised at how many points you win without trying.

  2. First Serve – MAKE MORE FIRST SERVES – If you want to put pressure on your opponents, you absolutely have to get more first serves in. Constantly hitting second serves puts you under so much pressure and stress that it affects the rest of your game. Take enough off your first serve so that you are making at least 80% of them.

So what are the other 3 Strategies??? Want to know more? Don’t forget that in my Newest Book, Double Down, I go into more detail about what implementing the ONLY 5 strategies for Tennis Doubles you’ll ever need! Click to order HERE!

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